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Brickhouse Pizza, Roswell
« on: January 04, 2010, 04:06:15 PM »
Partner and I went to Brickhouse Pizza on Crossville Rd. in Roswell today.
It had been several years since we had been there and we wanted to see if it was still good for a lunch.
We had calamari as an app, I got a combo pizza and he got a calzone.
The calamari was a very small portion for $8 and was not very fresh smelling.
On the other hand the calzone and pizza were of good size, with a crisp tasty crust and a nice char on the pizza.
Nothing to rave about but perfectly servicable.

What will keep us from EVER going back to this place?

Partner's calzone came with a half filled 2oz side of pizza sauce.
He told the waitress that he'd need another, she said "OK" and came back with another.
When the check came, there was  $1.95 charge for the "extra" 2oz of sauce.
This is the same charge for a real 8oz side of sauce as listed on their menu.
When we asked about it, she explained that the sauce is home made (whatever) and that she "had to punch something in to get it out of the kitchen".
She offered to take it off, went back to her manager and dropped off a new check that still charged $0.95 without a word that they were still charging for it.
We questioned this and she said she could pay it herself.
That was not the point and we did not have her do that.
The whole scenario of charging so much for 2oz of tomato sauce, not telling there would be a charge in the first place and then trying to charge after saying it would be taken off the bill was just really insulting.

Give them an "F" for customer service and ruining a perfectly good lunch over a condiment.

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