Author Topic: Bay Breeze in Lilburn on 78  (Read 899 times)

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Bay Breeze in Lilburn on 78
« on: December 04, 2017, 10:42:42 AM »

Our first try was good. It was slammed (busy) at 7pm but with only a short wait we were seated and greeted by Diamond our server, she was spectacular during our dinner. We ordered too much but liked what we were served. We got the calamari as an opener and it was cooked right and tasty, the marinara was nondescript but fresh tasting.. We each ordered a platter (different ones) that came with a salad and a side.. We each got a garden salad and it too was freshly made and suitable, each of our platters had some fried and some broiled things on them and they had cooked the broiled things just right, my scallops and Deanne's shrimp were broiled and not overcooked and delicious. There were a couple fried oysters on my platter and they too were not overcooked and tasty, the fish (unknown variety) was also not overdone and good. Deanne got a baked potato (that we brought home) and I got fried okra (that we brought home) along with a sizable chunk of Deanne Crews Stock's fish). If there was any issue at all it was that the clam strips I received were a bit tough and lackluster, we left them behind.. I have to say that for what it is a "Fast Casual" fried seafood place it was entirely acceptable and that we will be back.. I will order differently next time and probably not get the platter as it is too much food and I despise taking food home. The bill seemed fair, the manager came around to see if we were happy, they do NOT have a wine or beer permit yet but it is coming I was told. So I give it a thumbs up.

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