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Doggy Dogg
« on: November 07, 2015, 07:40:45 AM »
It was almost lunch time yesterday, and since I failed to pack my lunch, off I ventured to the other side of Decatur (Agnus Scott College side) and hit up Doggy Dogg.
Open for three months now in the old building that the Peruvian Chicken place used to be 310 E. Howard Ave. Decatur, GA 30030, (right behind the old Railroad Depot is on College Ave).
Had a nice chat with James and he dialed me in with a couple choice hot dogs, Dogg Style.

See the menu here....

Pics here:

I enjoyed the Sharpei, $8 - beef dogg, kimchii, bits, yellow, hot (not so spicy but well balanced with flavor) not a regular hot dog bun, but more like a toasted flat bread and really good, and, the El Perro, $7 - chorizo dogg, mayo, chips, jalapeƱo pesto, hot onion, relish, hot (again not so spicy, chorizo dogg will be worth going back for).

So, if you are out by Krog Street (and that pesky tunnel) or venturing to the Krog Street Market, consider stopping in to see James at the Doggy Dogg and experience something different. Outdoor seating, friendly atmosphere and tasty Doggs to boot!
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