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Viceroy, Royal Indian Cuisine, Sandy Springs GA
« on: December 14, 2009, 05:58:31 PM »
This place has slowly developed a rather good Urbanspoon rating without being touched or touted by food critics, or bloggers. I've been watching it for a while, keeping it on my "to do" list. It's on Ashford Dunwoody, in the same shopping mall as J. Alexander's. When you're there, head to the back, past Wall-Mart and you'll see this one and an interesting sports bar named Firebird, I believe. Those two are in the same strip mall.

This is not a place I'll eat at for dinner. It's too far from home. But lunch I'll go. This is a buffet setup at lunch, with condiments - chutneys, chilis, mint sauces and hot sauces at the beginning, then desserts, then vegetarian dishes (pakoras and dal mahkani for example), then curries and the like. Between the curries and the chana saag was a heater with tandoori chicken.

It's the tandoori chicken that surprised me. I picked up a drumstick and I could smell it easily. Like a good piece of barbecue the smell was there and potent, even before I tasted it. Yah, eating was good too but the smell was worth some trouble.

I found the vindaloo to be pretty mild. If you want hot from this eatery go at dinner, when they have 4 heat levels (mild, medium, hot, Indian hot). I enjoyed the chana saag, the dal makhani, the goat curry, the biryani. One of the desserts, the fruit firni, was delectable. I liked the vindaloo better once I added some hot sauce to it.

I'll post on this on my blog in a bit. I'm curious what other people have encountered when eating good tandoori chicken, hence a post here first.



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