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Title: Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse - Alpharetta
Post by: Larkemon on April 21, 2012, 07:44:10 PM
Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse
4055 Old Milton Parkway, Ste 9
Alpharetta, GA 30005

I think they just opened this week.  Decor was pretty sparce, but very clean.  It's not a big space, more deep than wide. They had some tables, but mostly booths lining a side of the wall. I can easily see the place being packed, especially with all the office workers in the area looking for a good, but different place to eat.  It's all you can eat.  Lunch was $9.95.  Dinner is $14.95.  It's set up similar to Porto Brazil off of Roswell Road.  Short salad bar, about 4-6 hot items like rice, beans, pasta of some sort, shepard pie looking thing, etc.  Then there's the meats.  They have a cool looking open front grill where the meats are rotating on spits.  You basically grab a plate at the front of the bar and work your way down the line, or you can grab a plate and go straight to the carving station.  There's a guy there who slices each piece of meat fresh and you grab it with little tongs.  They person doing the carving was very nice and didn't balk at all when I asked for a more rare piece of rump roast.  He happily went back and grabbed a different roast.  Overall staff is friendly, if a little slow which is understandable given how new they are.  The line did stack up a couple times when someone gets a little indecisive or wanted several types of meats at one serving.

I had to try each of the meats. I know.  I'm such a glutton, but I really felt it was my duty to taste everything in order to report back to everyone on 285foodies.com :).  My favorites were the Rump Roast, chicken leg, garlic beef. Each was tender and had a good flavor that comes from caramelization against the searing heat.  Everything else was good to above average.  My least favorite was the chicken sausage (a bit dry), pork loin (again dry), and pork rib.  I thought the rib had a "gamey" taste to it.  Maybe bbq sauce would cover it up, but for me it was just a bit much.

Overall, I would happily come back.  For the quality and quantity of food, I thought it was a good deal.  With all the hungry workers in the area, I could see this place getting quite busy. 
Title: Re: Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse - Alpharetta
Post by: tarvos on April 22, 2012, 04:47:51 PM
$15 dollars for dinner? That's a steal.. even if the meat is just average quality and a subpar salad bar. Will happily try this place soon, thanks for the rec.
Title: Re: Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse - Alpharetta
Post by: Larkemon on April 28, 2012, 10:57:31 PM
I lunched at Ipanema again this past Friday.  I was rushed in the morning, barely sniffing anything for breakfast.  My stomach was definitely prepared come 11:30.  I found it was still good and I'll be returning again in the future, but they definitely have room for improvement.  The beef options (rump roast, sirloin, garlic beef) and chicken drumstick were still very good.  Service was quick, attentive and friendly.  And now the so so... the pork loin, bacon wrapped chicken and chicken sausage were way dry and overcooked.  I would guess the bacon wrapped chicken were the breast pieces cubed up.  The chicken was so cooked and dry that it was tough to chew.  I'm not sure how authentic it would be, but I think the use of chicken thighs definitely would have been better.  In addition, the bacon wrapped chicken was crazy salty.  Maybe it was just a bad piece, but really had no desire to test out another serving.  For me at least, the beef and hot bar items alone are worth my visit.  Just hope that they up their game with the other grilled items.
Title: Re: Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse - Alpharetta
Post by: mikeamor on July 20, 2012, 08:19:14 AM
Partner and I went here for dinner earlier this week after reading the previous reviews (and getting a BOGO coupon in the mail).  We were pleasantly surprised.  The meats that we tried were all good, especially the all important rump roast.  The chicken sausage was a bit dry but still tasty.  I was repeatedly drawn back to their roasted pork sitting on the buffet.  Best description of it would be carnitas, extremely good carnitas.  They also had an interesting prep of raw collards, thinly sliced with onions and a vinaigrette dressing that was very good.  Never had thought of serving collards raw like that.  They don't have waiters pirouetting with skewers of hot meat but the place is clean, the food is very good and it is reasonably priced.  Definitely a place we'll be adding to our OTP dining rotation.  A nice aside, since we weren't paying $60 apiece for dinner, we didn't feel compelled to stuff ourselves like gluttons as we did at other similar places.  The pace is also slower without the show, allowing for a much more enjoyable meal.
Title: Re: Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse - Alpharetta
Post by: Larkemon on July 20, 2012, 01:56:09 PM
I've been going for lunch once every 2 - 3 weeks.  I really think they've hit a good stride.  Everything has been tasty.  Line moves quickly at lunchtime even though it wraps around.  My one big wish is if they could introduce some seafood onto the grill spits.  Maybe shrimp skewers or a firm fish cut into cubes.  Then I could justify bringing my wife for dinner.  For now, it's just a lunch with the workmates type of place for me.
Title: Re: Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse - Alpharetta
Post by: RootsInAlpharetta on July 23, 2012, 11:47:32 AM
This place is enormously popular with the Old Milton cubicle dwellers. Expect lines out the door at lunch, especially if you're a little past noon.

The salad bar items impressed me more than the meat. Especially liked their very rubost-flavored black beans. Delicious. Meats were hit or miss on my visit. Some were dry (like the sausage). Agree on the rump roast.
Title: Re: Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse - Alpharetta
Post by: CortezTod on March 12, 2017, 11:10:35 PM
Thanks for letting me know more.