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I went to Savannah/Tybee recently and there are reviews all over my blog, easy to reach from the front page.

Crab Shack (Tybee) I liked. A better buy than any seafood along River Street. Almost any Tybee joint is a better seafood option than Savannah seafood in the touristy areas.

On River Street the Cotton Exchange won't give you wallet shock the way most restaurants can.

Dub's Pub (River Street, also alley accessible) calls itself a gastropub on Urbanspoon. It's more a high end sports bar, but the tacos I had the night I went were excellent. They may be in gastropub territory (assuming you're the kind of person who would allow that Local Republic is a gastropub).

Breakfast can be a rip off in Savannah,  or you can go to  B Matthews on Bay Street, which has good breakfasts that tend to be under $10.00. B Mathews has a 'modern American' feel and I'd be happy eating meals there three times a day.

Bay Street in general seems more foodie friendly than River Street. The restaurants aren't as gaudy but tend to end up on "Best of Savannah" lists more often. I never went to Churchill's Pub but I'd like to.

I experienced staff issues at Moon River. In fact, I'd call them the worst staff I've ever run into in Savannah. You don't need to believe me. The experiences I had parallel almost anyone complaining about staff at Moon River over the past 3-4 months at Urbanspoon.

I also highly recommend Books on Bay, if you like to read and have a  taste for antique series books (Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Oz, etc).

Above Books on Bay is an antique shop that sells water at a reasonable price. The alleyway just below Books on Bay is a better way to head from Bay to River Street.



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