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Georgian cuisine dishes
« on: May 24, 2022, 05:23:26 AM »
First courses
The selection of first courses in Georgia will be varied, albeit small, but very tasty for travelers. Although in each region soup is prepared and served a little differently, we are sure that everyone will choose the most valuable option for themselves.

By the way, it is not customary to add vegetables to first courses, so you don't have to look for deco potatoes or carrots. The soup will still thicken, but you get it by adding eggs or flour-based sauces. The first dish is sure to be served hot.

Chihirma is a hearty soup, usually made with chicken meat, cornmeal, eggs, herbs and spices. Eggs in the dish are completely dissolved, without folding completely due to oxidation by a small amount of citric acid.
Kharcho is a thick soup made of beef with the addition of rice, spices, herbs, garlic and tkemali (dried plums). Sometimes kharcho is made of pork or lamb, but beef is still considered the traditional meat. The soup is usually served very spicy.
Khashi is a soup rich in consistency, resembling diluted cold. Beef shanks and by-products are cooked for quite a long time (about 8 hours). Serve khashi with garlic and herbs. My favorite hangover cure.


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