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Butcher & Brew
« on: May 21, 2017, 05:48:07 PM »
Holy crap, downtown Alpharetta has exploded and continues to do so. Among my faves there would be Butcher & Brew. They are one of the few places to make a Philly roasted pork, appropriately enough called the Adrian. Now don't fall into what I call the Katz Deli Syndrome. Of course the pork sandwich is not as great as DiNic's at the Reading Terminal in Philly. But what sandwich of any kind is? I like all their sandwiches. You are better off with the cole slaw than the often limp fries. I've had better wings. Skip the fried pickles.

Pigs in a blanked with Hewood's sausage is great and I think I've had every sammy on menu. Underwood and Landlady also very good in addition to my son and my favorite, the Adrian. They have twenty craft beers on tap, mostly local and none of the Miller, Bud shit. As of this writing both POG Basement and Tropicalia are on top, but of course the latter goes fast.
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Re: Butcher & Brew
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2017, 10:58:28 AM »
Visited Butcher & Brew  in Alpharetta last weekend for lunch.
Overall, it was a dear price for a not so exceptional experience.
We had 2 iced teas, 8 chicken wings app, corn soup, burger with sweet potato chips and their Underwood (pastrami) sandwich with fries.
The outstanding theme through all the dishes was that they were pretty bland.
Fries were standard from a bag frozen thin fries. 
The burger had no layers of flavor, just a jumbled one-note bite after bite.
Their pastrami was not bad but their preparation of mixing in the cheese and cubes of peppers was odd and the meat was pretty toothsome.
Service was friendly and attentive.
Cost with 18% tip was $64.00.
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