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Lincoln Fill Station and Home Brew
« on: September 04, 2014, 04:22:13 PM »

We here in EastJesus are really fortunate to have the great growler house that is Lincoln Fill station and home brew.   I'm serious.  I hope I post all of their events here so that any and many of you that are true beer lovers get a chance to slide into their place and sample some of the absolute amazing beers this duo is bringing in from far and wide and to experience the kindof pub-like atmosphere that this place has become.

If you truly want to expand your beer universe do two things, download the app "Untapped" to your device and visit (often) Lincoln Fill Station.   

I used to drink Miller Genuine Draft Light.    I have been shown the light all right.  I had switched to a variety of craft beers some time ago and was entrenched in an IPA sameness that took over what I knew about beer and then along came "Lincoln" with the wide variety ( 60+ beers on draft and rotated heavily ) and now several kinds of wine and a mead.  I have learned the words Shandy and Lambic, explored quads and bitters, have moved to sours for a month and then back to smoked beer and am learning to appreciate the explorations that brewers are making in barrel or wood aged beers.

I see a couple of our 285 folks there but have found a neat place, not too far from home that only serves a few pints per customer, per day (except on special "ticketed" events) ( Snellville City rules abide here), that has a "Cheers" like patronage with hugely knowledgeable beer servers (at least one of them is a studying Cicerone).  A good thing for any neighborhood in my opinion.

Come out and see some of us at Lincoln Fill Station and Home brew.

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