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La Quercia in Iowa
« on: January 15, 2014, 12:21:46 PM »
I was watching Andrew Zimmern's show Bizzare Foods America and happened to dial in the show from Iowa, part of the show were not interesting to me, but the family run farm that is La Quercia amazed me at how detailed these folks were and the varieties of hogs they were using in taste tests. 

The prosciutto they had on hand was a huge barn of hams being aged in high tech rooms with the humidity and temperature held in check and careful attention to detail when it came to aging and judging them.

Another part of the show was about Rustic Rooster farms in Iowa, this farmer is cross breeding what he hopes will be the most delicious pig.  The Iowa Swabian Hall

Here is his site for more info.  ( I also like what they are doing with hydroponics )

and here are some details:  Swabian Hall swine in their purest form are only located in Baden-Württemberg Germany. This particular breed of swine are some of the best tasting pork in Europe. In fact, they were named the world’s best pork in 1832, and then again at the 1892 World’s Fair. The interesting thing is that the Swabian Hall was the result of King Wilhelm going to China and obtaining Meishan Swine and then crossbreeding them with Russian Wild Boar that was indigenous to the country of Germany. He did this because the indigenous pork was too lean and too dry, much the same as the current confinement, heavily muscled, super-lean hogs in the U.S. He mated the Chinese heritage breed Meishan, which has more lard than any other pig in existence, (the Mangalitsa only comes close but does not have as much lard on its carcass when compared to the Meishan) to the Russian Wild Boar.  The King was trying to get the perfect balance of fat and meat.  He accomplished this feat.


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