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Akron Ohio ----- DBA Restaurant downtown Akron
« on: January 07, 2013, 02:08:55 PM »

We had an adult night out while on our New Years/late Christmas visit to Ohio this year.  Our oldest grand daughter is now old enough to be a baby sitter for the other two grandchildren so it does give us some easy times to go out with my Son Todd and his wife Sharon to explore something new or to crash into the Winking Lizard (sortof like Summits or Taco Mac) and have some bar food and some beerz. 

This year I had heard (again from Tom Noe on his very well done blog, "Exploring Food My way: Satisfying the Craving") that one of the premier chefs from Cleveland, OH had opened a place downtown Akron on Furnace street near the locally-famous pizza place that is Luigi's. 

The new place is named DBA, and it doesn't necessarily mean doing business as, it is named after the chef/owner Dante Boccuzzi.  It is a modern place with some exceptional food.  Some of us had the chef tasting menu with wine pairings while others tried the small plates/appetizer menu with an entrée.  Everything I had was very good to exceptional and I think I can echo that sentiment for the other three that shared the meal.

Deanne had the wonderful soup with a hint of banana in it for sweetness.
Hot Soup, Butternut squash, cinnamon crème.

No picture ----

I had the oysters                          Perfect, they were fresh, non-gritty and delicious.

No picture----

Hudson Valley Foie Gras       Wonderfully prepared and served, imagine Foie Gras in Akron.
"Bananas Foster" pickled walnuts, crisp plantains.

Crispy fried Calamari and Shrimp
Not a standard preparation and absolutely delicious, with the chile spice mayonnaise.

No picture----

Green Spaghetti                  A wonderful flavor with terrific al dente pasta with shrimp, garlic and tons of umami.
Garlic braised shrimp, spinach, poor mans cheese.

For my entrée I had the Duck.    Delicious duck breast cooked rare with a fennel glaze and a small pile of leg confit on the same plate, very yummy.

The other stand outs were the Mussels
"Hong Kong Style" chile peppers, crab meat, cilantro lime.

Black Angus rib eye, miatake creamed leeks, fingerling chips

Arborio Risotto
Alla carbonara, house cured pancetta, soft poached egg, truffle puree

We had deserts too:  Here are a few, they are/were all delicious.

Roasted Peanaut and Banana Parfait
toffee ice cream and salted caramel

Crème Brûlée
lemon balm steeped blueberries

Coffee and a Donut
black cherries, white chocolate ice cream, espresso foam

For you Atlanta folks - Honestly this is Woodfire Grill good, Restaurant Eugene good, Bacchanalia. good. 

We passed plates around and had at least 60% of the non entrée, non vegetarian menu during a long, great meal only interrupted by wine and good vibes.  We stayed late and were treated to a nice glass of tawny port by our server.  Keith was our server and couldn't have been any better, he knew the menu completely and knew the pairings enough to offer alternative suggestions to us all about what we were being poured and what dish was coming up/out next.   Akron moves slightly out of its reputation for dining with places like this, we were impressed.

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