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Bluffton, SC
« on: November 30, 2012, 02:28:06 PM »
We were over at Bluffton today, it is about 25 miles from Beaufort but every time I go over there it is like being back in Atlanta, well sort of. They have all these fast food places and lots of outlet malls and lots of traffic too. Not very laid back like Beaufort. We went into the old town of Bluffton which borders the May River, they have a hugh oyster business there. Anyway for lunch we ended up at Bluffton BBQ after checking out 2 other places and their menus. Really solid barbecue and the sauce was outstanding. The sides were okay, nicely seasoned beans and the collards were tasty but with too many stems. If I go back I would get a sampler plate instead of a sandwich, way too much bread. Very nice couple owns the place and he was pleased I took the trouble to go back inside and compliment his barbecue.

Almost forgot something. The sandwich came with a slice of tomato, never seen that on a pulled pork sandwich but was actually good and just blended in.

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