Author Topic: Dry spicing and sous vide - cumin beer sous-vide?  (Read 2911 times)

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Dry spicing and sous vide - cumin beer sous-vide?
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:13:01 PM »
One of the things I noted when I was actively doing sous-vide posts is that it affected my blog readership markedly. I'd say that when I was doing sous-vide posts I had perhaps 100 readers a day more than I normally do.

That's a lot on a board my size.

A good sous-vide resource, for those looking for one, is Stefan Gourmet. The link should be on my board. He's a better cook than  I am, has a feel for new fresh spices. I tend to use dry.

Another worthwhile resource is the pdf that can be found on the French Culinary Institute's primer's page:

So to  my question, which I was thinking about tweeting, but instead will post here:

When making Indian/Sichuan dishes, what kinds of spice mixes do you use? I've found the small buffalo sirloins at Kroger to be huge winners in a sous-vide pot, but I'm wanting some variety. If I could do some kind of 'cumin sirloin',  I'd be an amazingly happy blogger.



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