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RIP my Dad
« on: January 16, 2012, 05:23:11 PM »

Today marked the anniversary of the birth of one of the most remarkable men I have ever known.

He was mildly educated, but smart as a whip.  He has patents in his

industry, and was a legacy in his trade,  He was soft spoken and rose to as

high as he wanted in local politics and community stature without boasts or

loud oaths.  He was the son of immigrants, but displayed no accent, no

"tells" that he was Eastern European certainly not Hungarian.  He was

spiritual but contained his chosen faith behind "family" walls and

conversation.  He was a patriot, serving in WWII in the Pacific theatre on

all of the dangerous islands you hear mentioned when you hear about our war

with Japan.  He was a certified nuclear welder and could operate any kind of heavy equipment he got on.

He was a super teacher, but had a strange, hard way of

dispensing knowledge.  He was strict, and just.  He was an athlete (in his

younger years) he did most sports including boxing, baseball, track,

football, basketball and fishing. He was a supporter but mostly behind the

scenes - he would encourage but not be a cheerleader, he would inspire but

not be an on-hand micro-manager when the chips were down.  He was an

entrepreneur, in his later years he could not imagine working for the "man"

nor encouraging it from his sons.  He was good with babies but stern.  He

was challenging, his expectation seemed to always exceed what was

producible. He had a swagger, but it was obvious only to those that knew

him.  He was GRUFF with those that did not please him.  He was a

semi-professional boxer, so it was safe walking around with him in the worst

places you can imagine.  He was not much of a writer, but very much of a

doer.  He could eat more crawfish than anyone alive.  He could do all of the

man-things, skin and dress a deer, change the crankshaft on a flathead

engine, re glue tiny eyelashes on a painting that he hated, cook on the

grill, repair a gun, restore a car, drink volumes of Canadian whiskey. He

was not a dancer but raised at least one.  He was not a singer but would

sing along in church or to a tune on the radio if he didn't think you were

paying attention.  He LOVED stinky cheese and canned sardines.  He had a way

with the soil and with gardening, he set the bar high turning sand into

friable soil and producing a monster garden each year.  He spoke no language

but English but understood German-Hungarian-Polish and possibly could speak

them, but just never did.  He was romantic (I'm told) and had a way with

women.  He was honest, if you made a deal with him and shook on it, you

could count on him fulfilling his part of the deal and then some, but he

expected you to do the same.  He was hard --- If you did not live up the

promise, you were on the edge of his reality for a while, he did not pay you

any attention nor give you any support, you had to EARN your way back into

his graces.  He loved practical jokes and would plan them for months and

carry them out with precision, sometimes you NEVER knew that it was he that

had set up the joke, I mean EVER. He had a strange way with women, they

always wanted to come and talk to him, be protected by him, have safety in

his presence.

While he was generous he was fair, he was detailed in what he expected and

had a very generous side to him when you or someone was in need.  You could

expect to work-off his generosity at times, but that is because he wanted

YOU invested in your success.


He was my Dad, my teacher, my inspiration, my warden, my conscience, my goalie.  I miss you every day Michael S. Stock.
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Re: RIP my Dad
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2012, 09:05:05 AM »
Wow, Mike.  It's hard to believe anyone like that existed outside of a movie character.  You were indeed fortunate.  And that's one hell of a well-written tribute.  I suspect I know where you got that talent from, too.

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Re: RIP my Dad
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2012, 11:13:31 AM »
We all wish we had a life that would be so well thought of as you have for your Dad's. RIP Mr. Stock.

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Re: RIP my Dad
« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2012, 10:25:19 AM »
Most people think of their dads as larger than life, but only a few actually are. Yours sounds like quite the character, GG.

My own father has been gone for 15 years, and I still miss him. He never got to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, see three of his children marry, or watch his grandchildren grow up. He did make a lasting impression on those who knew him, and they all remember him fondly.
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