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First, let me state that my wife and I are learning. We are not experts. What we know is either from what we have read on the internet, been told, of learned by trial and error.

First, celiacs for my wife and I was not about just cutting out wheat but finding out more about a poorly documented problem that many people suffer from. We weren't handed a guide book to help us. Finding out my wife can't have most soy sauces and beers was a hard one...  Then you have things like cheese, where some documentation says cheeses can contain wheat gluten and others saying that there is no content. Alcohol? Who knows...

Some of the things we have found so far:

1) Soy Sauce - While there are gluten free offerings, most restaurants do NOT cook with the pricier alternative.
2) Cross contamination - Fried or Baked? Doesn't matter... Cross contamination is EVERYWHERE! You can not use the same fryer for flour based items and gluten free offerings without problems. Same goes for cutting boards that are not washed between uses, pans, counters... Get my point?
3) Sauce thickeners - Many sauces are thickened... This may or may not be with something containing gluten. The person in the kitchen may or may not know the recipe so be careful.
4) Gluten free does not equal calorie free - Be careful with your diet even when avoiding ingredients. Not having had cookies for years does not mean you need to have cookies around constantly now that you can have them. All things in moderation.
5) Gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance go hand in hand - Not only that but so many gluten free dishes are not dairy free and many who have issues with gluten also avoid dairy.
6) Malt vinegar - NOT gluten free
7) Cross contamination before the restaurant - If that quinoa was processed in a factory that also processes wheat, you have a problem. Is the restaurant using the gluten free variety or the less expensive, more commonly available one?
8) Cooking with alcohol? - Beer added in to that chili means it is now inedible to anyone avoiding gluten. Same goes with many alcohols as they are malt and wheat based.

Oh, and don't think for a moment that any pot luck or buffet is nothing more than a minefield to anyone avoiding gluten.

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