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"Selling" recipes?
« on: September 02, 2010, 08:41:43 AM »
I was just reminded of this by something posted in another topic, but it's something I've wondered about for years:

A long time ago, I was hired as a manager to help open a restaurant in an outlying suburb of Atlanta. One evening at a bar, I mentioned the project and a tipsy fellow to my right stated, "The most expensive part of opening a restaurant is buying all of the recipes." Now, at the time, I thought it was a pretty drunk thing to say, so I certainly didn't challenge the notion. The restaurant I was opening certainly didn't buy even one recipe. The guy who owned the restaurant, who was not a terribly good cook himself, wrote all of the recipes or had his kitchen manager write some of them. I wrote some of the recipes that needed to be written, simply so that after I left the cooks would still be able to make the same dishes.

Off and on over the years, I worked in many different restaurants and I've heard these ghost stories about people "buying" recipes, but I've never once met anyone who has bought or sold a recipe, and most of the time, people who tell the stories are people who have never worked a day in a restaurant in their lives. I've never met a person currently working in a restaurant who talks about buying or selling recipes. It sounds to me like it's on par with stories of someone who knew someone whose cousin woke up in a hotel bathtub full of ice with a kidney missing.

So, aside from Colonel Sanders, has anyone ever really bought or sold a recipe?
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