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Title: McCartney is getting old
Post by: The_Scientist on December 12, 2010, 04:55:16 PM

As a Beatles fanatic of longstanding, it pains me to admit that Paul is showing the years.  It was great that he was able to do SNL the week of Lennon's anniversary, and the link above was poignant if only for that reason, but all of his vocals were wobbly, and it's clear he can't hit the highest notes anymore.  Since he's too much of a trooper to allow pitch correction on a live performance, it seems we're in for a Frank Sinatra situation, watching him continue to deteriorate and wincing as we remember how he used to be.  :'(

It's inevitable of course.  No one can keep it going forever, and he has done much better than most, but at what point will he walk away?  Can he even try?  He can't damage his legacy at this point, so he may keep going until he can't hold a bass anymore.  Then I'd have to post two crying faces.
Title: Re: McCartney is getting old
Post by: Girly on December 12, 2010, 07:28:08 PM
It bordered on painful to watch it last night. There were 4 of us who just looked at each other and winced. Like you said, credit for him being a trooper, but I certainly would never buy a ticket to hear that.