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Title: McGowan's Pub
Post by: Melomom on September 06, 2010, 10:24:55 AM
This is a new place in Oakhurst in the Palate Wine Bar space on W. Hill Street.  The wine bar is still open and occupies one half of the space, while McGowan's is in the other half.  My friend and I decided to have dinner there on Saturday.  We first sat in the room with the main bar, but it was so incredibly loud we moved to a side room which was much better.  Lots of TVs around so you could check out the college football games in progress.

Nice selection of beers on tap.  I had a Great Divide Oak-Aged IPA, which I enjoyed, and my friend had cider.  We split a cup of the crab bisque, which was really good.  My friend had a burger, which he enjoyed, and I had a panini with goat cheese, gouda and apple.  The menu includes the usual pub food and some more ambitious entrees.  I think they opened very recently, so I will note, but not complain about, the slow service (drinks and food).  I do wonder about the management - when we moved from the first table to the second, I stepped on - and slipped a little - on some melting ice on the floor.  I pointed it out to the server, who didn't go back and pick it up.  Hmmm...

Should be a pretty good addition to the 'hood, but if I am going to Oakhurst I think I will be more likely to head to Steinbeck's.